You can watch the BlackBerry 10 launch live on January 30th thanks to RIM’s webcast

You can watch the BlackBerry 10 launch live on January 30th thanks to RIM’s webcast

Research In Motion is making its January 30th BlackBerry 10 launch event a truly global affair with the announcement that it will offer a live webcast.

The company directs interested watchers to its official newsroom for the show, which will kick off at 10am ET on Wednesday. RIM is also hosting media events across four continents: New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, Jakarta and Delhi.

Of course, The Next Web will be on hand to cover the event as it goes down, but now you can get the live unfiltered experience too.

RIM has been steadily beating its drum in the run-up to the BlackBerry 10 launch. On Monday, it revealed the names of every TV broadcaster, film studio and music label that is partnering with it for the new OS. The company has also made a huge push to stock its BlackBerry World app store, offering rewards to developers who port their apps over.

BlackBerry 10 has its work cut out for it. The OS is arriving later than originally expected, and RIM itself has indicated that it is betting big on this release turning the company’s fortunes around.

RIM was once the preferred smartphone for executives, but it has fallen hard in recent years as Apple and Samsung have scooped up the market. The company posted a net loss of $114 million on revenue of $2.7 billion in the third quarter of 2012.

With just $2.9 billion in the bank, it has a limited runway to get BlackBerry 10 off the ground and return to profitability. Take off is on Wednesday, and now you can watch as it happens.

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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