Helped by SoundCloud and Vodafone, Adyen’s one-click payments topped $10 billion in transactions in 2012

Helped by SoundCloud and Vodafone, Adyen’s one-click payments topped $10 billion in transactions ...

Global payments solutions firm Adyen has revealed record growth for last year, processing more than $10 billion in transactions worldwide.

The company, which processes both online and mobile transactions for a number of large-scale corporations including Vodafone, Groupon UK and Getty Images, has seen its revenue increase by 35 percent since 2011.

Given the improvements both in app development and mobile Internet connectivity, people are not only browsing products from their smartphone or tablet, but also using that same device to complete the purchase. Adyen has, not surprisingly. benefited from this trend too, experiencing a 300 percent growth in mobile payments throughout 2012.

It means that mobile payments made up one out of every ten transactions processed by the company – up from just 3.5 percent at the end of 2011. Adyen has suggested that this growth has been fueled by a 55 percent increase in new customers worldwide, as well as significant “organic growth” from existing customers.

As a result, Adyen has also announced that its overall revenue has increased by 58 percent from last year, continuing what it describes as “double-digit annual growth” since 2007. Not bad, not bad at all.

“As digital commerce continues to evolve and expand beyond borders and traditional channels, merchants are demanding more from their payment solution providers than mere transaction processing,” said Pieter van der Does, CEO of Adyen.

“Adyen’s outstanding growth exemplifies the value that Adyen brings to merchants around the world – cutting-edge technologies and customized solutions; unparalleled domain expertise and customer support; merchant-friendly business practices; and a proven ability to significantly increase conversions and revenue.”

Adyen supports the payments and transactions of more than 2,500 merchants. Seeing as the firm isn’t selling consumers anything directly, part of its success and growth in revenue has undoubtedly been from finding new, strong customers to work with. Soundcloud, which partnered with them in August last year, along with apparel retailers Superdry, Crocs and Benetton were all added to Adyen’s roster throughout 2012.

The company cites North America as one of its fastest growing regions, with a 70 percent increase in merchants using their payments solutions. These include JustFab, Motley Fool and Kachingle, to name just a few.

Adyen has had a pretty busy year then, opening new offices in San Francisco, London, Paris and Stockholm (they’re headquarted in Amsterdam, but also have offices in Boston, Sao Paolo and Singapore) and hiring an extra 35 employees.

The firm has also added 27 new payment methods popular in specific regions, such as Yandex and WebMoney in Russia, Trustpay in Eastern Europe and Samsung Card in South Korea. It also follows the signing of several new payment acquiring partners, including Bank of America, Santander and Wirecard.

All of this means that Ayden can support over 200 payment methods, 187 transaction currencies and 14 settlement currencies stretched across six continents. That’s a pretty full-on growth strategy, and an awful lot of ways to accept your hard-earned cash.

Image Credit: PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images

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