Learn how to script, film and edit great video with hosting startup Wistia’s new Learning Center

Learn how to script, film and edit great video with hosting startup Wistia’s new Learning Center ...

Video hosting and analytics startup Wistia has launched a new portal on its website today focused on helping budding filmers create more polished and interesting content.

The firm’s new webpage, called Learning Center, is described as a place for “videos about video to help you market with video.” Did you follow all of that? Good. At the moment there are a little over ten videos to watch and learn from, although you can bet that over the coming weeks and months, the team at Wistia will be uploading an awful lot more.

Starting with video production, Learning Center offers, among others; a guide to transforming an old conference room into a DIY studio, a walkthrough for making a video lighting kit with less than $100; top tips for shooting video on an iPhone; basic lighting techniques for a webcam. It’s pretty extensive and should cover the basics if you’re just starting out.

If that sound a little too technical, Wistia have also put together some broader videos to help you come up with the next big viral hit. They include how to come up with a good video concept and script it properly, as well as how long a video on the web should be – both burning questions not only from small businesses hoping to start making their own videos, but also aspiring vloggers and podcast hosts.

So why does Wistia want do all of this? Well, they’re in the professional video hosting game, so they’re no doubt looking to incentivize businesses to start creating more video content and as a result, move into their higher price plans.

In the past, we’ve picked up on some of their data reports, such as this one last August that discovered that nearly 20 percent of all Internet users in the United States are unable to watch high definition video on any device. Period.

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