Ericsson to acquire a 400-person French ‘IT-services’ team to bolster its European presence

Ericsson to acquire a 400-person French ‘IT-services’ team to bolster its European presence ...

Today Ericsson has announced its intention to acquire 400 IT professionals and the “services capabilities” from Devoteam Telecom & Media in France. According to the growing firm, the move is part of its larger strategy to “broaden its IT capabilities.”

The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2013, given the success of usual closing conditions part of such purchases. Ericsson is not acquiring Devoteam proper, a firm with 5,000 employees, but instead this specific team in the country.

In addition to the warm bodies, the purchase also includes the acquisition of “TV SmartVision operations” from the other firm, a move that could relate to intellectual property. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Magnus Mandersson, head of Ericsson’s Business Unit Global Services division, states that the purchase will bring the firm “unique expertise in complex, strategic and technical consulting engagements.” For its part, Devoteam hailed Ericsson as a key partner to it, making the exchange of several hundred of its employees perhaps more sensical; if they were to work with Ericsson, why not work for Ericsson?

Ericsson, a storied company based in Sweden, invented Bluetooth, and produced at one point cellphones as part of a joint venture with Sony. Sony later acquired that entire business.

The 400 IT denizens in France will join Ericsson’s 12,000, helping the firm in the European region.

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