Too many apps: Appsfire has helped 9 million people with over 1.5 billion mobile app recommendations to date

Too many apps: Appsfire has helped 9 million people with over 1.5 billion mobile app recommendations ...

With over a million apps on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store combined, finding new (and more importantly) relevant apps can be a struggle. There’s no shortage of recommendation apps available on both platforms, but one has consistently stood out: Appsfire.

The company — co-founded by Ouriel Ohayon and Yann Lechelle — had a busy 2012. Last year, the company rolled out its “Pagerank for apps” service; acquired and relaunched iPhone, iPad and Mac application performance tracking service Appstatics; introduced a new Timeline feature, allowing its app users to travel backwards through the history of an app to see past updates, launch dates, promotions; and ended the year rolling out its completely rebuilt, blazing fast iOS app update.

Highlighting just how well it did in 2012, Appsfire decided to share some of its metrics, demonstrating its growth and painting a picture of how its service (and its apps) lie today.

Appsfire says that has now seen more than 9 million app downloads (the majority of which came last year), mainly of its iOS app, which has equated to more than 50,000 App Store ratings and 25,000 user feedback submissions from users around the world. As a result, the app is used by more than 1.5 million people daily and has directed its users more than 100 million times to app downloads.

Incredibly, Appsfire has now served 1.5 billion app recommendations to its users. This is something that Apple must surely be aware of following its acquisition of rival app recommendation and search service Chomp, and its subsequent attempts to offer more context and more targeted searches on the increasing number of App Store apps.

When the company launched its new iOS app, we were impressed at the speed at which it is able to display results. Unlike the Apple’s own App Store search, hitting the search icon inside Appsfire presents users with a list of trending terms, but also a a Chrome-like Omnibar that auto-suggests the application as they type.

Just enter “An” (for Angry Birds) in the search bar and see for yourself how quickly the whole range of Rovio apps are displayed.

While Appsfire looks forward to a prosperous 2013, it will be keeping an eye out on Apple’s movements following the company’s removal of the popular Appshopper app from the App Store. The app fell foul of a rule that Apple added back in September 2012 which governs the promotion of apps that are not a developer’s own inside their apps.

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