Dropbox client syncing and uploading services go down, affecting clients, web app

Dropbox client syncing and uploading services go down, affecting clients, web app

If you’ve been having issues uploading things to Dropbox, or using apps with Dropbox integration, then you’re not alone. Dropbox has announced via its Ops account that there will be an issue with those two services for about an hour (at this point, that puts the clock at another 30 minutes or so). Update: Dropbox says that it has now resolved all issues.

Apparently creating and joining shared folders, and creating shareable links to files are also being affected.

We like it when services are up front about their issues, and since they’ve announced that they’re working on it and have a timeline for completion, it’s a borderline thing whether or not it’s worth mentioning here on TNW.

However, there are a lot of apps that use Dropbox as a service layer. Given that iCloud integration hasn’t been as easy as many developers had hoped, Dropbox has remained dominant on iOS, and of course if your app is cross-platform it’s the best option out there. But downtime still illustrates the dangers of relying on third-party data syncing for your product.

In the grand scheme of things, Dropbox stays up a lot of the time. Just winging it, I’d say that their uptime, especially in syncing services, is one of the better of any of the majors that it competes with. The last outage was 72 days ago, and then before that it’s all planned maintenance back to July of 2011, after a database migration caused some issues.

So, if you’ve got a Dropbox enabled app, you should be back in business in a bit.

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