Kontagent launches iOS mobile analytics app that delivers big data analysis for your mobile business

Kontagent launches iOS mobile analytics app that delivers big data analysis for your mobile business

Mobile and social analytics provider, Kontagent, has released its iOS mobile application that gives its customers the ability to track the necessary metrics related to their mobile business initiatives. The company says that it will provide “continuous insight” into customer behavior by allowing executives, marketers, and other stakeholders to view detailed metrics relating to user acquisition, engagement, and revenues on their iOS device.

Through this new application, Kontagent customers will gain access to its kSuite Mobile dashboard, which it bills as being the “first pure-play enterprise-class analytics solution built to help mobile app developers access all the metrics needed to improve the acquisition, engagement, retention, and monetization of your users.”

Users can already gain access to all the same metrics and analytics that Kontagent has to offer through its computer-based dashboard. The only difference here is its claim that the company is the first to make this possible through a mobile device. Metrics displayed include KPIs such as unique visitors, mobile app downloads, average mobile session length, mobile marketing campaign performance and average revenue available with a tap.

Jeff Tseng, Kontagent’s co-founder and CEO, says:

Companies today recognize that it is a multi-screen world. Customers work, shop and play games on their tablets and smartphnones as well as their computers. As a result, it is no longer enough just to measure customer behavior from desktops and laptops. Similarly, it is no longer enough to provide business analytics from a PC.

Recognizing that mobile devices are becoming even more prominent in the business world, having services like Kontagent’s app is pretty good. However, unless your mobile application is pretty popular and has heavy usage, one might wonder why downloading a free app worth it? If the data is going to be the same on its computer-based dashboard, then having a mobile application isn’t entirely needed.

With that said, if there are occasions where you are traveling and are on the lookout to see how well a particular application is running, being able to take out your mobile device to check its performance is pretty useful.

This application is available for both the iPhone and iPad.

Photo credit: Kontagent

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