Real estate marketplace Zillow launches a free website builder for landlords

Real estate marketplace Zillow launches a free website builder for landlords

Real estate information marketplace Zillow has added property management websites to its package of free tools and productivity solutions aimed at rental professionals. The new feature, available today, allows property managers and rental agents to create a free, custom website for their personal brand or business.

A key feature of the new website builder is its integration with the Zillow Rentals listings. It means that whenever a user changes the pricing, availability or any other details related to a property in their Zillow account, their custom website will reflect the changes automatically.

Zillow’s property management websites also include a personalized domain, as well as variety of templates, themes and colors which are designed to help users differentiate themselves from the competition.

The website builder also includes customizable neighbourhood pages, which can be combined with Zillow’s local market data, local school information and “Walk” scores. The company says each website can also be integrated with the company’s customer relationship management platform, which helps professionals track and convert customer contact information.

David Vivero, Vice President of Zillow Rentals, said customers that use one of their websites will “get more exposure for their listings” and “fill their vacancies faster and more easily.”

Zillow is working hard to improve its digital and online presence, both for those looking to buy and sell property. The company launched a free Mortgage Marketplace App for the iPad in October, helping prospective home owners find the right loan or mortgage option. It brings the Zillow’s total app offerings up to 15.

In the same month, the company launched Zillow Rentals, another free marketplace, although this time with a suite of tools aimed solely at rental professionals. It includes the distribution of listings across the Zillow Rental Network, which is a web-based community comprised of shoppers from and Yahoo Homes.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the property marketplace however. Back in September the company sued Trulia, one of its rivals in the United States, over alleged patent infringement. In addition to damages, it was looking for a permanent injunction against its Trulia Estimates feature.

The company says that 33 million unique users visited Zillow’s websites and mobile applications last month. That’s an awful lot of people looking to move, and a lot of custom that rental professionals might be able to handle better thanks to a flashy new Zillow-built website.

Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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