Storify launches tool to help you make stories out of your Twitter archive

Storify launches tool to help you make stories out of your Twitter archive

Today Storify updated its Bookmarklet to support downloaded tweets, letting folks create stories out of their archives.

Twitter has made good on its promise to allow users to download their history of tweets. That feature, announced yesterday, is currently undergoing testing with what Twitter referred to as “a very small percentage” of its users.

However, even as Twitter tests, and hopefully expands, that service, startups are hard at work making the most out of the change. You can snag the Storify Bookmarklet that supports offline archives here. If you already have the Bookmarklet, remove it and then add the newest version for the new features.

To use the Bookmarklet, open your downloaded archive inside of your browser, and then select the button to initiate it. Following, an ‘Add to Storify’ link will be placed beneath each displayed tweet. Hit that, and you are off to the races.

Step One
Step Done

Storify helps users collate pieces of social conversation into a single dialogue, creating tale from seemingly disparate parts. The service has seen use in both serious and relaxed settings, with users creating stories from whimsical tweets just as some journalists use it as tool for their craft.

To date, Storify has raised $2.02 million through two minor angle rounds, and a 7 digit venture round.

This feature will become more useful once Twitter allows more folks to snag their entire archive of past messages, but for the lucky few, enjoy yourself. Do us a favor: put your first few tweets into a Storify, I’ll bet they are embarrassing.

Top Image Credit: umjanedoan

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