Apsalar unveils iOS app revenue reporting tool, enabling developers to detect in-app transactions

Apsalar unveils iOS app revenue reporting tool, enabling developers to detect in-app transactions

Apsalar, a mobile analytics service for developers, has announced the release of its Automated Revenue Reporting solution for iOS devices. Using this SDK, all in-app transactions can be recorded and provided to the developers in an effort to help monitor its performance. It is free and available in the market today.

For many, being able to track in-app purchases can be a tedious process, something that Apsalar describes as “manual, time-intensive, and limited”. And what happens if the app is available internationally? Then you have to deal with those types of sales, along with converting the currency — something unfortunately could go wrong.

Apsalar Revenue Reporting Dashboard

Using the Apsalar’s SDK, developers can leverage its Automated Revenue Reporting to take care of all of this while also attributing all of its revenue to specific user segments. With this addition, apps will have the ability to automatically detect in-app purchases, manage currency conversions, provide detailed product level data, monetize its analysis by cohorts, and provide trending and detailed revenue reports — all from a reporting dashboard.

Through this tool, developers can focus on tracking the “user’s lifetime value (LTV)”, defined as a “prediction of the net profit attributed to the entire future relationship with a customer”, make adjustments to their marketing strategy to get people using the app and converting to being paid customers.

While known for being a service that offers mobile solutions for developers, Apsalar isn’t the only game in town. The market is crowded with other services like Flurry, Kontagent, Localytics , and many others — some that even offer their own transaction reporting tool.

But if Apsalar wants to be known for being the free service in town to help track revenue, it wouldn’t be the first in that regards either. Google Analytics released an update earlier this year where in-app transactions and revenue were analyzed inside its service. Although it’s probably not as elegant of a solution as simply adding a few lines of code from an SDK.

Apsalar tells us that it believes its automated tracking is key to why developers will want to use the service. Compared to other competitors, the company says that developers won’t need to explicitly track revenue and product information within their applications, nor will explicit calls to the platforms be needed in order to record the revenue.

No money is being generated through the analytics for Apsalar. Its business model is dependent on advertising.

This solution is available right now for iOS applications, but an Android version is coming soon. Apsalar says that more detailed reporting and additional tracking functionality to other revenue sources will be included in the future.

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Screenshot credit: Apsalar

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