8 billion photos later, Flickr finally gets a new look

8 billion photos later, Flickr finally gets a new look

Following the launch of its new iPhone app, which had gone without an update for almost a year, Yahoo has continued its Flickr revamp by rolling out a revamped design for its Flickr.com website, introducing a new “simplified navigation bar” and an overhauled Explore page.

Flickr says the new navigation bar is designed to make browsing the website easier, but also faster, getting you quickly to the photos you have uploaded or those shared by friends and family. Many of those blue links from the top bar are gone, but Yahoo ensures that the most popular features remain.

The new Explore page has been given a refresh, adopting the same look and feel of its Contacts and Group Pool pages, so you can browse and interact with any number of interesting photos from the last 24 hours or that have been uploaded in the past.

If you’re visiting the Flickr website expecting to see the new design, Yahoo says it “will roll out to everyone over the next few days.”

Yahoo says that in 8 years of operation, Flickr has seen over 8 billion photos uploaded to the website. While it sounds impressive, the website has suffered in the wake of popular mobile apps like Instagram, but also social networks like Facebook, which sees more than 300 million photos uploaded each day, making it the most popular photo uploading service on the Internet.

For Yahoo, getting Flickr back on its feet is a high priority. Once heralded as the go-to site to share photos, it has languished as Yahoo has cut jobs and focused on other projects.

However, with the release of its new iPhone app today — which offers 16 filters powered by Aviary, full Groups capabilities and easy signups — the company is finally breathing some new life into the service, appealing to pro photographers and mobile sharers alike.

Image Credit: eole/Flickr

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