Nokia releases Windows Phone 8 advertising SDK for Nokia Ad Exchange

Nokia releases Windows Phone 8 advertising SDK for Nokia Ad Exchange

Nokia today released the Windows Phone 8 SDK for its cross-platform Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX), which it developed in conjunction with Inneractive.

Inneractive and Nokia first announced the exchange in October 2012, promoting its cross-platform capabilities, hybrid mediation and access to over 120 ad networks. The Windows Phone 8 SDK for NAX allows payment in all countries, compared to US-only restrictions on other platforms.

“The WP8 ecosystem is poised to explode. We are committed to drive and create more demand for WP8 and provide a fully tailored WP8 SDK for NAX that gives developers the most complete way to generate revenue,” Inneractive President Offer Yehudai said in a statement.

Kenny Mathers, Nokia’s director of programs and monetization, noted: “The addition of Inneractive’s WP8 SDK to the robust NAX solution means we now are providing developers with a complete discovery and monetization package”.

App selection is one of the main weaknesses to the Windows Phone platform right now, and Nokia is investing heavily to convince developers to build apps for its devices. The company also recently introduced DVLUP, a gamified rewards program for developers.

Nokia’s fortune does appear to be improving. AT&T said last week that Nokia’s Lumia handsets are selling “very well”, though the carrier declined to provide specific numbers. Facebook data suggests that Windows Phone handset sales may have topped 4.2 million units since October 1.

Image credit: AFP / Getty Images

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