Crowdfunding pioneers Lumawake and Lockitron team up to lock your doors the minute you fall asleep

Crowdfunding pioneers Lumawake and Lockitron team up to lock your doors the minute you fall asleep

Both finding success by crowdsourcing funding for their new smartphone-enabled products, Lumawake and Lockitron have teamed up again to extend the capabilities of their respective intelligent sleep recognition system and connected door-locking mechanism to secure your house the minute you fall asleep.

The partnership sees Lumawake tune its motion-sensing sleep tracking software to connect to Lockitron’s security system,  extending the interoperability of its iPhone dock, which already plays nicely with SmartThings and Belkin’s WeMo home automation systems.

“We wanted to work with Lockitron because we respect the way they’re driving innovation – snubbing Kickstarter and going rogue, it’s the future,” said Greg Laugle, co-founder of Lumawake. “Our open API’s made the integration seamless and our respective users are really going to love the added functionality.”

It’s not the first time that the two companies have worked together; Lumawake was forced to look for an alternative crowdfunding platform after being rejected by Kickstarter. The team had originally planned to launch using Kickstarter, but it bumped up against new restrictions for hardware projects. It decided instead to pivot onto Lockitron’s open source Selfstarter platform.

Lockitron has already completed its campaign, seeing 14,704 people reserve one of its door locks, totaling $2,278,891 in pledges. Shipments are expected to begin May 2013.

However, Lumawake still has 9 days until its crowdfunding project ends and has reached nearly two thirds ($90,890) of its $150,000 goal. The company will hope that its new integration will boost pledges and perhaps stimulate existing backers into ordering more than one.

The Lumawake and Lockitron sell separately for $149 and $179, respectively.

You can find out more about them using the links below.

➤  Lumawake | Lockitron

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