Microsoft attempts Android backstab on Twitter, fails to do much but look foolish

Microsoft attempts Android backstab on Twitter, fails to do much but look foolish

Oh, Microsoft. On the heels of growing momentum for its Windows Phone platform, Microsoft has managed to find more than enough space in its mouth to fit both its shod heels. Microsoft advertising campaigns are often bleak, but this specific episode must take the cake.

Let’s read some tweets, shall we? Here’s the main mistake:

Do you see it? Android has malware! Oh no! An open app environment leads to potential threats! Microsoft, apparently by accident, has just managed to argue against the core feature of Windows in a single step. That’s embarrassing.

Now, Microsoft is moving closer to the Apple model of walled, sealed gardens for its platforms with the Windows, Windows Phone, Azure, and Xbox stores, but Windows 8, the normal version, still runs millions of apps and anyone can build for it. Take the above tweets and replace ‘Android’ with Windows and you have the same set of bitching.

But Microsoft wasn’t done yet, as TNW reported recently:

Call me during the next Patch Tuesday, Microsoft, ok?

Here’s the thing: being open involves certain risks, but it brings material benefits. As Microsoft built its empire rolling those dice, to knock a platform making the same gambit isn’t just petty, it’s pathetic. Sorry Redmond, you’re on the wrong side of this.

Happily, Twitter users have taken to pushing back on their own. The following tweet is via our friends at NeoWin:


Top Image Credit: Ken Yeung

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