SoundCloud has almost doubled its registered users since May – now nearly at 30m [Interview]

SoundCloud has almost doubled its registered users since May – now nearly at 30m [Interview]

As we reported earlier, SoundCloud today announced the rollout of its new website to all users, complete with a bevy of new features. It also revealed that 10 hours of audio are uploaded every minute, and 180 million people access the platform every month. But what about registered users?

Back in May, SoundCloud had 15 million users registered, but when I caught up with CTO Eric Wahlforss at LeWeb in Paris this afternoon, he said that the company’s growth is continuing unabated, almost doubling since then to almost 30 million. Seeing as the company reported 10 million in January this year, it’s clear that growth in registered users has accelerated.

In our chat, Wahlforss also discussed the growth on mobile consumption of audio – something that’s likely to increase when the new versions of SoundCloud’s iOS and Android apps (with more powerful discovery features) launch on Thursday.

SoundCloud famously pitches itself as the ‘YouTube for audio’, and Wahlforss believes that sound may actually usurp video in terms of importance online eventually. As for 2013? Expect a continued focus on discovery and cultivating good quality audio content from creators around the Web.

You can listen to the full interview below, hosted by (what else?) SoundCloud.

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