Prediction maker Prediki lands $650k via Austrian government program, ahead of 2013 launch

Prediction maker Prediki lands $650k via Austrian government program, ahead of 2013 launch

Prediki, an Austrian startup that specializes in developing predictions and forward-looking analysis, has landed $650,000 (€500,000) in seed funding from Austria’s federal bank, Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (AWS).

The company, currently in stealth mode, runs a platform which, it says, enables “collaborative predictions and analysis for future questions of all kinds.” Interesting and mysterious.

The investment comes from the JITU seed-financing program, funded by the country’s Ministry of Economics, and it will be used to boost the Prediki platform, sharpen its ‘predictive calibrations’ and develop traction when its English and German versions launch.

That public unveiling is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013 but, right now, it is open to a limited number of pre-selected users on an invite-only basis.

Hubertus Hofkirchner, CEO of Prediki, believes that the company is poised to take predictive analysis to the next level:

“Everyday, decision makers in companies, organizations, and governments are faced with uncertainty, bias, conflicting assumptions and outright misinformation about the future. Prediki’s patent-pending collaborative technology can unveil information about the future where traditional market research and opinion survey instruments have proven unreliable or inapplicable.”

There’s more mystique and intrigue since Prediki says it has agreed to a partnership with “a major market research and trend institute”, the identity of which it cannot reveal until launch. The unnamed organization will augment its existing interactive, future-gazing product with that of Prediki – which the startup sees as a major milestone.

Prediki may claim to have the answer for future gazing but — somewhat ironically — we will have to wait before full details of the product and said launch customer are revealed.

Image via Phil McDonald / Shutterstock

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