3 million people have now backed a Kickstarter project

3 million people have now backed a Kickstarter project

Today, the crowd funding and product juicing site Kickstarter announced that, as of yesterday, 3 million people had backed a project on the site. The announcement comes after its launch in the UK on October 31st.

Kickstarter has currently launched 78,497 projects and raised $362M in ‘successful’ donations. There are 3,242 projects currently live and the success rate of projects hovers around 43.7%. That means that there have been 32,930 successfully funded projects, 17 of which have seen over $1M raised.

In April, Kickstarter announced that it had raised over $119M with $6M in commission. Some projects have been more successful than others, but records continue to be broken for funding amounts. Recent projects like the hotly anticipated Pebble Smartwatch and Double Fine Adventures new game both busted the $3M mark.

I’m a big Kickstarter myself, having backed 15 or so projects of my own. I love the idea of someone being able to break down the money barrier to get cool things made. Alas, the reality of crafting a physical or digital product doesn’t always match up with the ideals. Of those many projects I’ve backed, I’ve only actually received five ‘rewards’. The Elevation Dock, which I reviewed here, the Glif, the LunaTik iPod watchband, Cable Keeps and Flint and Tinder boxers.

Image Credit: Asif Abdullah

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