IRL friend finder ItsPlatonic picks up $195,000 to build its platform

IRL friend finder ItsPlatonic picks up $195,000 to build its platform

ItsPlatonic, a service designed to help folks find and make friends in the normal realm has received 150,000 Euros ($195,000) in funding, it informed TNW. The company, founded by Americans, but built in Berlin, took part in the Startupbootcamp Accelerator in Germany.

According to the firm, the investment, which it received before its official demo day from the Dutch CE Tech Invest, is a record for Startupbootcamp. The company intends to raise more funds shortly, as part of the round, despite having locked down nearly $200,000 in fresh cash.

ItsPlatonic, a name in search of an apostrophe, sits in an interesting market space: how to help folks build new, non-romantic friendships. The market dynamics for romantic searching are well known, and lucrative. Does there exist a sufficient pool of interest, and therefore dollars, to build a platform for individuals looking for fun, but not sex?

The company is not betting small. On its splash page, a number of flags are displayed at the top, prompting you to select your own nationality. Sadly, the links are all broken, but do seem to indicate that ItsPlatonic wishes to not only build a service that works in San Francisco.

That’s ironic, naturally, as making friends in San Francisco if you are not part of the more social tech circles can be excruciating. Side note: I will be your friend.

If you want to get into the ItsPlatonic service, secure a number of friend signups and you will be let in. And if you do get in, don’t forget: no falling in love and no touching. It’s platonic, after all.

Top Image Credit: Mo Riza

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