AngelHack New York City winners look to duke it out at silicon valley finals

AngelHack New York City winners look to duke it out at silicon valley finals

AngelHack, self-proclaimed to be the largest hackathon in the world with 2,500 participants across 11 cities, completed its New York leg of its cross-continental journey this past weekend at Alley NYC.

The New York competition was held synchronously with AngelHack Boston and AngelHack Washington, D.C., with attendees given 30 hours to qualify for the finals in Silicon Valley. Twenty-five teams of finalists will earn six weeks of mentorship before being flown out to the West Coast to schmooze with investors and present in front of judges such as Naval Ravikant.

Approximately 250 developers, designers, and business folk gathered to pitch 45 startups in under 2 minutes each. A panel of judges eyed over a hack’s completeness and creativity while evaluating the quality and fullness of the team. Demos that went over their allocated time frame were Nerf-blasted by the panel to stop. The room hummed with nerves, enthusiasm, and technical difficulties.

Presentations varied from an email notification service for matched missed connections on the subway to a clothing shipment service for frequent travelers to an alcohol journal. Hackathon first-timers and veterans worked side by side as makers to see their ideas come to life. Coffee cups, beer cans, and cables littered the floor.

Here are the NYC hacks that will move on to AngelHack’s next round:

Call Me Maybe

Call Me Maybe  allows anyone to build a phone menu. Quickly and easily build a story-telling device, phone tree to redirect calls, or virtual receptionist to take messages. Think about it as your very own Rejection Line.


Addicaid helps addicts with their recovery process by anonymously identifying meeting places and counselors within the area. App users swap help, receive daily guidance, and even earn badges for their hard work. Addicaid wants to build a more open community and get out addicts out of their heads and into the world.

Sign Up as a Service

Sign Up as a Service makes putting together registration pages simple. Customize and embed great-looking log in, sign up, and pricing pages in a few minutes. Sign Up as a Service will take care of all of the analytics, payment processing, user management, and hosting.

Check out the other submissions here and more AngelHack coverage here. Top Image Credit: Martin

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