Backed by Science, Urban Remedy raises $1m to help promote a healthier lifestyle to a larger audience

Backed by Science, Urban Remedy raises $1m to help promote a healthier lifestyle to a larger audience ...

Another startup is rolling out the front door of Los Angeles-based incubator, Science. Urban Remedy isn’t your typical startup — in fact, it’s not really a technology-based company. But what it’s doing could have a profound affect on people’s lives. You see, the company is focused on helping people eat better and reach their nutritional lifestyle goals. To help it succeed, Science and other angel investors have provided $1 million in seed funding.

Started by Neka Pasquale, a certified Traditional Chinese Nutritionist, this service focuses on bringing complete packages of juices, meals, and snacks into people’s homes. The people that it’s reaching out to are those who lack “weekly nutrition or are feeling tired, ill, run down, stressed, lethargic, overweight, or overloaded with food”. Urban Remedy says its juices will work to “jumpstart” your body’s natural healing and cleansing abilities.

It’s important to note that Urban Remedy is not a subscription-based service. It might seem like it is based on other startups that came from Science, including Dollar Shave Club and Wittlebee, but it’s not. In fact, the company says that its customers come back to them every 1 to 2 months anyways and it doesn’t want to discourage any potential new customers from trying its products.

So why did Science take a chance on Urban Remedy? The incubator’s CEO, Mike Jones, says:

Urban Remedy solves the health problem for people who are just too busy to find the time to get truly delicious and healthful products, By powering Urban Remedy, one of the most sought-after niche health brands, with a technology platform that presents and engages users through site infographics, helpful charts, and funny stats, then distributes fresh made products to their doorsteps as soon as next day, we hope it’ll be easier for more people to discover and enjoy delicious alternatives to the all-too-available American junk food diet on a regular basis.

Three categories to choose from

Each juice comes in a 16 oz. container and is 100% raw and organic. In addition, the company offers what it calls an Urban Remedy Cleanse Program, which involves 6 16 oz. juices per day. It is available in three different sizes too: signature (it’s most popular one), purify, and super green cleanse.

For the meals, Urban Remedy offers food choices that are less than 250 calories and made up of whole foods.

Lastly, the snack category contains 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free ingredients designed to help fight hunger. They are all high in fiber, potassium, anti-oxidants, and contain about a third of the calories than typical snacks you might eat.

The costs for any of these choices are as follows: juices cost $59.99 per day, meals are $6.99 each, and snacks are $4.99 each.

Starting in San Francisco, moving nationally

The company is starting in San Francisco but it is aiming to scale its business nationwide. With today’s announcement, Urban Remedy will be utilizing the DTC Delivery service through its affiliation with Science to help get its product out there nationally.

All the ingredients used are locally grown and harvested, arriving fresh in the company’s kitchen five days a week.

In the future, the company is also eying expanding its food and snack categories, so watch this space.

Photo credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

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