HootSuite rolls out new dashboard features to help businesses target specific Facebook users

HootSuite rolls out new dashboard features to help businesses target specific Facebook users

HootSuite has introduced half a dozen new and updated features today to help its enterprise clients target and monitor activity on Facebook.

The first significant change is enhanced demographic targeting, which allows businesses to target specific Facebook users depending on their age, gender, interests and educational background. Oh, and did I mention that enterprise clients can filter now depending on a user’s relationship status too?

The second feature enables HootSuite’s enterprise clients to create user profiles with location-based settings, so that the target audience for any published status update is restricted by either the language or location of the user on Facebook.

Both these features, according to HootSuite, should allow enterprise clients to have better control over who sees specfic types of content, but also the demographics that are being targeted by specific products or social media campaigns.

The final four new features are available to all HootSuite users, however. The first allows regular users to respond and track private messages sent by fans to a Facebook page via the HootSuite dashboard. Private conversations can be expanded within the stream in order to see the full history of the message, allowing community and social media managers to reply directly.

HootSuite users can also search through Facebook generally using the dashboard, as well as setup a stream for real-time monitoring of Facebook Likes and comments for any given page. The final feature in today’s update is event streams, allowing users to create a custom feed on HootSuite based on upcoming events.

Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, said:

“With features like Demographic Targeting and Geo-Fencing, more companies than ever will be able to prioritize social on their home turf. These functions are an extension of our effort to make HootSuite a truly international service offering. We take pride in listening to the requests of our clients and these Facebook features are a prime example of the fruit of that labour.”

HootSuite has also added five new Facebook analytics module today for pro and enterprise level users. This includes a module that allows users to compare their own Facebook page alongside the public information about a competitors’ pages. “See how many people are talking about you relative to other brands, and who’s winning the battle for Likes,” as HootSuite describes it over on their official blog.

Together, it makes HootSuite a far more comprehensive package for any business, large or small, that is looking to leverage Facebook with greater effect and accuracy. Being able to filter by specific types of Facebook users will, in particular, please marketing teams that are trying to target specific demographics or potential customers through social networks.

Image Credit: GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/GettyImages

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