HoneyBook is the Prezi of weddings with service aimed at helping share your special day photos

HoneyBook is the Prezi of weddings with service aimed at helping share your special day photos

A couple’s wedding day is perhaps one of the most important days of anyone’s life, and finding ways to share that happy occasion with as many friends and family members as one has is really important. Presentation and design are really important and need to stand out.

HoneyBook, an UpWest Labs accelerator graduate, aims to create a solution that wedding photographers will find useful and give newlyweds a way to share and get nostalgic about their special day.


Launching today in closed beta, HoneyBook is a service that creates a digital photo album for weddings with a Prezi-style layout. Wedding photographers can create a free account and join a community of fellow photographers where they can curate photos and videos related to any specific wedding.

According to the company, this new service will give couples “the best of both worlds”, meaning that it’ll be their very own space for wedding-related content, displayed in a beautiful online gallery that can be shared, and is social in nature so it will allow guests to tag, comment and “love” them directly on HoneyBook.

So far, the company says over 20,000 HoneyBook presentations have already been created. These photo albums can be shared through email, Facebook, and other social methods and each one can have its own theme where friends and family can look at photos from specific moments of the wedding. If the wedding started at noon, you can see what the atmosphere and ceremony was like at the start and what the reception was later on.

The service is free for wedding photographers to check out, but since it’s in closed beta, a limited amount of people will be granted access. Those that aren’t lucky enough will be bumped to a waiting list.

Photo credit: ERIC FEFERBERG/AFP/Getty Images

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