Eventbrite and Survey Monkey buddy up to improve user feedback for events

Eventbrite and Survey Monkey buddy up to improve user feedback for events

SurveyMonkey, the online survey company and Eventbrite, the ticketing and events firm, have partnered to provide a better method for feedback.

The hope is that the integration of these two services will provide ways for organizers to collect feedback and suggestions from attendees that may improve future events.

The new service has been made available through Eventbrite’s API and means that attendees can be polled on anything from wine preferences before an event to finding out about skills learned at an event or things that could be better. According to Eventbrite, this should help organizers tailor their plans.

Simple service

To launch a post-event survey, Eventbrite users can log-in to their dashboard, select the desired event and use a simple online process to create and distribute a survey of their choice to attendees. Additionally, the companies created four new event feedback templates to help smooth the process.

Founded in 1999, SurveyMonkey helps customers collect more than 1.5 million online survey responses every day. Its customers include 99 percent of the Fortune 500, academic institutions, small businesses, HR departments and neighborhood soccer leagues around the world.

Eventbrite helps people plan, promote, and sell out any event and has processed over $1 billion in gross ticket sales. The company has also been working on integration with Apple’s passbook to make access to events via mobile that bit easier for those who no longer print their tickets.

The service is available from today so those with an Eventbrite account can try it now.

Image Credit: Patrick Smith / Getty Images

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