Nokia partners up with Inneractive on cross-platform ad exchange

Nokia partners up with Inneractive on cross-platform ad exchange

Nokia has launched the Nokia Ad Exchange (NAX) in collaboration with mobile advertising company Inneractive to help developers better monetize their software on any platform. The exchange will work with over 120 ad networks and agencies and utilize Inneractive’s ad exchange technologies, such as hybrid mediation and real-time bidding.

“With the launch of NAX, Nokia will enable developers to simply and effectively monetize their apps, as part of our continued focus on supporting the developers  ROI to build successful businesses” said Richard Kerris, VP & Head of Global Developer Relations, Nokia. “We developed this platform, with inneractive, to put control into the hands of all developers so that they can realize the best monetization solution for their apps.”

Inneractive co-founder and president Offer Yehudai said the company was proud to be “working with Nokia” to create the exchange.

“In launching NAX, Nokia has created a true value proposition for all developers and a platform where networks and agencies can find an exclusive, relevant audience,” he said.

The cross-platform aspect of the new exchange is an interesting development on Nokia’s part, given that it is struggling to gain momentum with its Windows Phone-based Lumia devices. I’m not one to rain on its new parade though, especially since we could probably all benefit from more solutions that accomodate multiple operating systems and platforms.

Inneractive raised $3.5 million earlier this year in Round B funding, led by Evergreen Venture Partners.

The rapid uptake of smart mobile devices has led to a surge in mobile advertising, though monetization does continue to be an issue. Inneractive tracked a whopping 981 percent increase in ad requests from iOS last year, and a 759 percent leap in requests from Android.

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