Netflix doesn’t have any future plans to increase prices past $7.99

Netflix doesn’t have any future plans to increase prices past $7.99

Netflix does not have any plans to increase its pricing in the near future. CEO Reed Hastings addressed this question during the company’s 3rd quarter earnings conference call and said that customers are happy with the price point.

The company is more interested in increasing monetization through increased growth rather than through a higher cost to the consumers. It’s seeing that customers are happy with the way things are and don’t foresee the price to increase until after 2014.

It will be focusing its efforts on converting potential customers to paid ones through increased content, better engagement, and updated experiences — one of the things that was discussed during the call was improving the platform. The company will be enhancing the algorithm that is used to help offer recommendations and product to users. It finds that if the right show box is displayed when the service is being used, users will be more likely to play the video. Additionally, Netflix has been toying with its interface to constantly make improvements to increase the user experience while also finding ways to better monetize its service.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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