ConsumerBell launches recall monitoring service to help protect you from bad products

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ConsumerBell, an information resource and service designed to ensure product safety, has just released a brand new service to help you avoid bad products. Starting today, Recall Monitoring is being provided to all of their e-commerce retail clients that will provide them with instant alerts of recalls, risk reports, and support in the eventuality of something being recalled that gets shipped out to a consumer.

Ellie Cachette, ConsumerBell’s CEO, said the company’s core belief is “Making Safety Easier” and Recall Monitoring is a natural progression of that and will help protect consumers before they actually interact with the products.

This new service has been six months in the making. During this time, it has been tested with several different companies in private beta, including Ecomom, a service that sells high-quality products for families and donates a portion of its goods to feed the hungry,, a service to help discover new goods for moms and babies that will be delivered to your door, and NatureBox, a company that focuses on sourcing delicious, healthy snacks that are sent to you monthly. ConsumerBell says that all their beta clients felt the added level of security provided by Recall Monitoring was very helpful.

What ConsumerBell does is monitor all products being sold to make sure that they haven’t been recalled or deemed “high risk”. A startling 4,000 recalls happen in North America each year and ConsumerBell aims to make sure businesses aren’t put in jeopardy when it happens. With this added level of protection,’s COO Sebastian Reichelt says he can “focus on building my business instead of my own recall solution. I’m happy that this is the one, and very important thing we can trust to someone on the outside who specializes in recalls all day.”

The cost for using Recall Monitoring will vary based on scale. Their pricing structure is below:

ConsumerBell Recall Monitoring service pricing

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