1 million+ downloads later, Contacts+ lands a $1 million seed round

1 million+ downloads later, Contacts+ lands a $1 million seed round

Today Contacts+, a company based in Palo Alto, announced that it has raised a $1 million, self-described seed round of funding. The company did not list a lead investor, but the round was participated in by TriplePoint Ventures, TMT, Tencent, and several angel investors.

The company’s two founders are graduates of UpWest Labs, an incubator in the Valley.

In its release, Contacts+ laid claim to downloads in excess of 1 million. Currently the product is available on the Android platform.

Contacts+ works with the networks that you are already plugged into – Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – to provide an experience by which your contacts are aggregated with full, matched and non-duplicative information .

Anyone who has switched between iOS, Windows Phone, and Android knows that keeping your contact list full and accurate is all but impossible; the problem that Contacts+ is working to solve is real.

According to the team, collecting the data and parsing it properly requires “a lot of technological heavy lifting,” but the “magic” comes in displaying that information in a way that is simple, intuitive, and quick to use.

Contacts+ includes a call log, and dialer, making it slightly more than pure address book. That in mind, the company deliberately eschews the idea that it is a social network; that is one place it doesn’t want to tread, or be considered in. Contacts+ is currently collecting email addresses for invites to its forthcoming next version.

Contacts+ has a vision for how to solve a very real issue. It also now has the cash to execute. Let’s see what happens.

Top Image Credit: Mark Coggins

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