FCC Chairman backs Uber in Washington DC – “I’m on the side of innovation”

FCC Chairman backs Uber in Washington DC – “I’m on the side of innovation”

On-call car service Uber has seen more than its share of pushback since its launch. It seems like every other day we’re hearing yet another story of how the company is being shut out of cities such as its most recent events in Boston. But today the company got quite the boost as the chairman of the Federal Communication Commission Julius Genachowski took Uber’s side.

“There’s a debate right now in Washington about rules that could discourage the innovative on-demand car service company Uber. Not hard to guess which side I’m on — I’m on the side of innovation”

It’s not a full solution to the problem, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Even in DC the company has faced serious roadblocks as it came under attack that would have forced the service to charge up to five times more than traditional cab services.

As The Hill points out, Uber’s battles happen on a city-by-city basis and it’s presently facing problems in both New York and elsewhere. While the FCC might seem like an unlikely bedfellow, it’s comforting to see Chairman Genachowski taking the side of technology when there seems to be so much going against it in Washington.

Image: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

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