Mobiplug’s stunning home automation lands a $2.7 million Series A and a new CEO

Mobiplug’s stunning home automation lands a $2.7 million Series A and a new CEO

Let’s talk Mobiplug. The TechStars Boulder grad has just closed its $2.7 million Series A, led by Foundry Group, for a technology that’s simply mind-blowing. Mobiplug takes the things that we use today, such as smartphones, IFTTT, Twitter and more, and turns them into powerful home automation software.

But it’s more than home automation. It’s smart automation. Let’s say, for instance, that you have a sprinkler system at home. Most automation systems could turn on that irrigation for a specific amount of time, depending on the temperature, but Mobiplug takes things a step further. For instance, you could set a command that tells the system to only turn on if it hasn’t rained that day. Incredibly smart.

When I saw the team present on Demo Day, it was one of those instances where I was blown away by the technology but not necessarily by the presentation itself. The main reason is that the company didn’t have a strong voice in the CEO position. It had an incredible brain, but the voice is important. The CEO, as we well know, is the salesperson of the company.

So along with that Series A Mobiplug is announcing that it has recruited TechStars mentor and long-time startup veteran Tim Enwall, formerly of Tendril, for the CEO position. In talking to co-Founder Mike Soucie, the reasoning is clear.

“Tim brings an incredible wealth of information, leadership and background. He’s run two successful companies and been a TechStars mentor for over 4 years. He’s well respected in the industry, and he brings the leadership that we needed to make this big idea come to fruition.”

Enwall has also been a big name in other areas of Boulder’s startup scene. He was named as an Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011 and he’s a partner at Appian Ventures, a fund that focuses on “technologies that exploit network connectivity.” It seems he’s right at home with Mobiplug.

So what’s next for the company? Soucie tells me that it’s time for the team to stop worrying about cash and “concentrate on building a product that produces raving fans.” Thus far, from what I’ve seen, Mobiplug has a fan in me.

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