Pogoplug launches Amazon Glacier-powered cloud storage service

Pogoplug launches Amazon Glacier-powered cloud storage service

It’s only been a couple weeks since Amazon launched its low-cost Glacier service for infrequently accessed data, but storage solutions provider Pogoplug is ready to take advantage of it. The company’s Family and Team services both make use of Glacier while cutting down on its retrieval times.

Pogoplug touts the new service as the “most affordable and safest multi-user cloud backup”, while still keeping data accessible.

“Our new offering provides the missing link by eliminating the three to five hour retrieval time intrinsic to Glacier – making all content instantly accessible,” Pogoplug CEO Daniel Putterman said.

The Family plan starts at $29 a year and currently comes with a free device for local cloud storage. The introductory plan comes with 100 GB of offsite storage, powered by Glacier, as well as syncing through the Pogoplug device, though you’ll have to provide your own storage onsite. A $99 per year plan upgrades to 1TB of offsite storage.

The Team service comes with 5 terabytes of cloud storage and costs $199 per year for five users and also allows businesses to put existing servers and computers to use for backup.

Pogoplug, which is backed by Foundry Group, Softbank and Morgan Stanley, made a name for itself with storage devices, but it has quickly adapted itself for the mobile and cloud era.

Amazon took Glacier off ice in August. The storage service starts at $0.01 per GB per month and has no upfront fee. The web services company is targeting small-to-medium sized businesses with the program, which is available in the US, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Image Credit: Jay Galvin

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