Zendesk launches portal access for customer support from any mobile device

Zendesk launches portal access for customer support from any mobile device

The cloud-based customer service battles continue and the winners appear to be the consumers as Zendesk today unveils its new mobile customer support portal.

Earlier this month Freshdesk announced its HTML5 mobile app and now Zendesk is countering with a portal that offers enhanced access to an organisation’s help center from any mobile device including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Taking a brief look at Twitter, you’ll see that many users are bringing up issues, compliments and complaints in 140 characters or fewer on a regular basis. Brands will also find that their Facebook pages will be an area where customers wish to spread the love or vent spleen.

Zendesk hopes to enable its clients to address the mobile population using social platforms in order to provide quick resolutions.

Social and self-service

The new portal has a simple interface and is available in more than 40 languages. It supports single sign-on via Google and Facebook for consumers to find information for themselves if they choose to look for answers without speaking with a customer representative.

The history and status of requests that consumers have already submitted can also be tracked and these can be updated if things have changed.

Zendesk was one of the plugins recently added to the Hootsuite social App directory enabling ticket creation and management direct from the social media management system.

Originally founded in a loft in Copenhagen in 2007, Zendesk has been growing fast with a move to San Francisco in 209 and opening up shop last year in London to address the European market.

As consumers are seeing more of their digital lives take place via mobile devices, watching customer service software providers do battle to innovate is a pretty good war to watch. Though their online Twitter and blog sparring is possibly not so productive.

However, the more they compete to find more avenues for companies to arrange customer support, the better for those of us who would like to have problems solved with our typical online impatience.

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