UKNova’s ‘ethical’ torrent trackers shut down after copyright regulator delivers cease and desist

UKNova’s ‘ethical’ torrent trackers shut down after copyright regulator delivers cease ...

Bad news for British expat torrent fans, UKNova, seen as one of the more ethical torrent and pointing sites is closing its trackers after being served a cease and desist notice by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT).

As reported on TorrentFreak, UKNova will now disable its torrent trackers, essentially shutting off the service that has served British TV fans for many years.

Established in 2003, UKNova was set up to help British expats catch up on soap operas and then expanded to include a range of TV and radio shows that people miss when they are abroad.

In a statement sent to users, administrators for the site said:

“To the members of UKNova.

UKNova is being forced to change. We have been issued with a “cease and desist” order by FACT (The Federation Against Copyright Theft).

We therefore currently have no other choice and will be closing the trackers. It has not been an easy decision to take, but it is apparently our only option.

The forums will remain open for business as usual. Torrents and their associated pages will disappear over the next few hours.”

UKNova’s longevity is said to be down to its strict rules on material that was available via its trackers. From the site information, users can see the limitations for uploading and requesting programs.

“It is one of the fundamental principles of UKNova that we do not wish to cause any harm to potential revenue streams for broadcasters and programme makers. For this reason, no television or radio programme that is available for purchase worldwide from retailers, on CD, DVD or video, is allowed to be shared on this website. Please do not ask for material to be uploaded here that is available to buy. Such material is not allowed.”

But even while trying to remain ethical when it comes to sharing material to a wider audience abroad, it seems that UKNova has crossed a line according to FACT, apparently relating to satellite broadcast material.

UKNova told TorrentFreak, ““There was one very big UK satellite provider some of whose content (a tiny percentage from their basic package) was available on UKN, there was also a football production company. The remaining members represent post-transmission marketing of DVDs etc. The major UK TV companies are not FACT members and were not mentioned.”

Taking down the noted material does not seem to have swayed FACT though as the organisation responded to UKNova saying that all of its links or access to content were infringing unless it could be proven that explicit consent from copyright holders could be provided.

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