Been offline this weekend? Here are the most important tech reads to catch up on.

Been offline this weekend? Here are the most important tech reads to catch up on.

We understand that for many of you the weekend is your time to be away from the computer. For many of our writers however, it’s when they publish some of their best writing!

Here are some of the best tech reads and news stories from the weekend:

Good reads & discussion

How close were these old predictions about the Internet? 
12 simple ways you can use the web to improve your life for free
Your smartphone is so smart it takes 14 gadgets and $1,200 to match it
A fanboy’s take on the world’s greatest ever game
How augmented reality will change the way we live
What ever happened to Google Voice launching in Europe?
How to create a rating system for freelance prospecting

Some news

RIP, Neil Armstrong
Dropbox begins rolling out two-factor authentication, enable it now
The problem with crowdfunding: Is Pixate astroturfing Kickstarter?
Apple CEO Tim Cook: Samsung’s copying went ‘far deeper’ than we knew

And from elsewhere…

The Deadly Tin Inside Your iPad
Jury in Apple v. Samsung Goofed, Damages Reduced
End of an Era: Once-Dominant VC Firm Kleiner Perkins Gets Blown Up
IAC to Buy From New York Times for $300 Million 

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