Web education platform Coursera hits 1m students just 4 months after launch

Web education platform Coursera hits 1m students just 4 months after launch

Coursera may be a freshman in the Web education space, but the new pupil is well on its way to straight A grades after revealing that it has signed up more than 1 million students worldwide, just four months after it officially launched.

That growth is accelerating at quite some rate too. Speaking to TNW in mid-July, the company revealed it had 680,000 students for its classes, which cross 116 disciplines, and now it has surpassed the big million figure less than a month later.

In a blog post celebrating the milestone, Coursera reveals that it has students in 196 countries, with the US (38.5 percent), Brazil (5.9 percent), India (5.2 percent), China (4.2 percent), Canada (4.2 percent) and the UK (4 percent) its largest markets.

Facebook is a big part of its appeal and, when it comes to social, it says that “the most socially engaged students” are those in the US, Brazil, India, United Kingdom, and Canada.

The company uses a volunteer-based system to localise and unlock its content for eager students worldwide and, to date, they have translated its 1,000 videos into more than 20 languages, the post explains.

It isn’t just students that are signing up in droves to the startup, which launched with initial support from four US colleges, investors are keen too. Coursera grabbed $16 million in venture capital funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and New Enterprise Associates (NEA) in April, before extending that figure to $22 million last month, adding 12 new universities to its roll-call in the process.

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