UK kids’ sensation Fight My Monster expands to the US fueled by $2.1m funding

UK kids’ sensation Fight My Monster expands to the US fueled by $2.1m funding

Fight My Monster, a game you may have never played before, given its target audience of boys ranging between the ages of 8 and 13, just recently raised a $2.1 million funding round and is now expanding its operations from the UK to Silicon Valley. In fact, Fight My Monster is doing so well that its creators claim it’s the fastest growing game for its demographic.

The UK-based game, which was originally built by a father for his sons, is close to reaching 1.5 million players online, 35% of which are US-based. More on its US success, the company found that its stateside players spend an average of 30-40 minutes per gaming session — impressive stats in a crowded space.

This success is exactly why the company is building a US-based team in the heart of the Valley, and so 6 new US hires centered around engineering and community management are also being announced. Additionally, the new engineering team stands to expand over the next year.

From Dominic Williams, Fight My Monster Founder:

The expansion into Silicon Valley gives us access to the best engineering talent pool in the world and provides a local base of operations to continue the already stellar growth we’ve seen in the US.

Clearly Silicon Valley is still a goal for many international entrepreneurs, despite tech industry growth around the world and locally in the UK.

As for the Flash-based Fight My Monsters, perhaps this engineering push will bring the game onto different platforms. Especially as Flash’s lifeline will likely be cut short within the next 5 or so years, becoming platform agnostic is likely the best move the company can make.

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