LinkedIn revamps its Developer offering, redesigns third-party sign-in flow and more

LinkedIn revamps its Developer offering, redesigns third-party sign-in flow and more

LinkedIn welcomes developers to build on top of the massive business-focused social network that it has created. Today, the company shared some key changes and updates to its platform, which should make developers extremely happy:

Today, we’d like to share some updates we’ve made to the LinkedIn Developer Platform to continue fostering creative innovations using LinkedIn’s technology. With over 1 million publisher sites already enabling the ability to share content to LinkedIn, we’re now making it even easier for our developer community to use LinkedIn as their main distribution platform for discussing and sharing professional content. Everyday, professionals are coming to LinkedIn to share and discuss what matters most to them and we’re seeing all-time highs of shares originating on LinkedIn.

First off, LinkedIn has updated its sign-in flow and process for third-party developers and sites. It’s way prettier and more functional:

LinkedIn’s share API will now offer attribution for those developers who quality. THat means that when items are shared in the LinkedIn stream from a third-party site, it will show the source:

In addition, LinkedIn has redesigned its Developer Platform site, which the company says is cleaner and easier to navigate.

Along with that change, the platforms’ Terms of Service have changed to clarify the “best ways to work with LinkedIn”, so that is worth taking a look for anyone that uses the platform within their app or site.

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