Acquisio has raised a new round and acquired ScienceOps to grow its ad management platform

Acquisio has raised a new round and acquired ScienceOps to grow its ad management platform

Today Acquisio announced that it has raised a new round of funding, the dollar amount it declined to disclosed to TNW, and that it has acquired ScienceOps. Acquisio’s product is a platform that allows companies to purchase and monitor media of nearly any variety around the Internet. If it’s marketing, you can likely track its performance with Acquisio.

ScienceOps’s product of note is adMetrica, a set of algorithms that improve ad performance on Google’s AdWords system. Essentially, it will hone your campaigns, boosting their effectiveness. It’s not hard to see how it fits into Acquisio’s world: its new parent helps people track ads, and adMetrica will help those same customers improve them.

As part of the deal, ScienceOp’s Bryan Minor is to be the new Chief Scientist at Acquisio. Financial terms of the agreement between the two companies were not disclosed.

The new monies that Acquisio raised come from Tandem Expansion, and Fonds de solidarité FTQ. Acquisio, even though it wouldn’t tell us how much money it raised, did inform TNW that it raised enough money for this purchase, and more down the road. Its release notes that “This investment will allow Acquisio to pursue its growth strategy.” Indeed.

Just for fun: Given that Acquisio’s last round was, according to CrunchBase, $12.1 million, this fresh round, coming as one designed for acquisition, could in fact be massive. Helping put that in perspective, Tandem Expansion, one of the round’s participants, injects between $10 and $30 million per investment, according to its website. Assuming a middle round from it, $20 million, and the same from Fonds de solidarité FTQ, and this is a $40 million investment.

Technology-forward companies that work in media and ad management be careful, a checkbook could be hunting you.

Top Image Credit: Philip Taylor

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