WSO2 releases its open source API manager out of beta

WSO2 releases its open source API manager out of beta

WSO2, the enterprise middleware company has launched its open source API manager publicly after 140 developers applied to join its beta program.

The firm hopes that its latest product for API access, government and analysis lowers barriers of cost and complexity related to traditional methods.

The full release features an expanded API management product aimed at enterprises of all sizes. It has an API store, which lets organizations set up their own market where developers can easily subscribe to and consume APIs.

The debut version of WSO2 manager provides complete API life-cycle management from creating to publishing, deprecating and retiring APIs. Users can publish both production and sandbox keys for APIs to enable easy developer testing, and developer interactions with APIs can be managed via comments and ratings.

Administration is complemented by capabilities for monitoring API use, performance and SLA compliance. Secure authorization of APIs is provided using the OAuth 2.0 standard for key management.

The system was created with flexibility in mind, the manager can be modified with the addition of WSO2 Carbon middleware products or the 175+ components on which they are based, as well as to migrate between on-premise and the cloud.

Additionally, the manager is also designed to scale as any of the components can be decoupled. The company says that users can start small with 100 API calls per day knowing that there is a clear, proven path for scaling to more than a billion daily API calls.

On creating an open source product, Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder and CEO feels that his product goes some way to levelling the playing field for users. He says, “WSO2 API Manager, which democratizes API management by making it affordable to acquire the software, easy to control APIs and manage the API lifecycle, and simple to find and subscribe to APIs.”

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