IP Bootstrap is the latest accelerator aiming to boost the UK startup ecosystem

IP Bootstrap is the latest accelerator aiming to boost the UK startup ecosystem

Aimed at UK businesses, the grassroots, non-profit startup accelerator program IP Bootstrap has been launched, so get your applications in quick as the program starts in just under two weeks.

The course is led by entrepreneur Aamir Butt, along with Rebecca Scheel, Peter Torstensen and Peter Warren who are all veterans of the Danish Government’s Gazelle Growth programme.

As with most accelerators, this one helps applicants get seed investment, form teams, receive training and build valuable networks.

Rather than pushing for a fast build toward the next big thing to invest in, the mentors hope to encourage startups to create a solid ongoing business plan.

In order to bolster the teams business knowledge, the program has partnered with Fasken Martineau, an international law firm, that will provide sponsorship and legal advice, Citrix Online, the collaborative platform which will help startups with the online tools required to manage their teams, partners and clients remotely and Microsoft BizSpark which will provide software for free.

In comparison with other hot-house organisations for small businesses, IP Bootstrap appears to have a leaner offering and a sharper focus. Seedcamp for example has partnered with huge names in the online tech world to offer mentoring from existing successful businesses.

It’s appealing for startups to be exposed to as many mentors as possible to get a rounded sense of the market, but a leaner experience to hone business skills may also be appealing so that teams do not feel overwhelmed by quite so many meetings.

Aamir Butt, Founder, said “Just like you can’t learn to drive a car from a manual, you can’t build a business from just lectures, speeches or books. At IP Bootstrap we teach, consult, coach and do, rolling up our sleeves and working with the businesses hands-on.”

IP Bootstrap comprises a series of weekend workshops aimed at providing support for startups so that they can identify and develop product, customer base and understand the business models required for growth.

Nelson Bostock Communications will also help the teams gain exposure for their businesses in the media.

Entrepreneurs interested in being part of the programme should apply on the IP Bootstrap site. The first workshop weekend takes place from Friday 17 August in London.

photo by Jurvetson (flickr)

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