London’s Silicon Roundabout encourages youngsters to get their code on at Devcamp

London’s Silicon Roundabout encourages youngsters to get their code on at Devcamp

If you’re young enough to be at school, you’re old enough to code and we won’t take any excuses. Devcamp is coming up and it’s well placed in the school holidays for young folk to get their code on in East London.

There are still places available at Devcamp so if you want to be in, get onto it quick. The course will run from August 13-31 and it takes place at Rich Mix arts centre.

The project saw a successful pilot last year as it encouraged youngsters from the local area to get a start in coding.

Seatwave, Mind Candy, SkimLinks, Wired, Rich Mix, Smack Agency and Futureversity are all involved in the initiative, so there’s plenty of folk to take inspiration from.

Though there are many online courses where people young and old can take advantage of information and lessons, it’s usually more fun to have some peers around for help, competition and a laugh while learning.

The three free week-long courses are designed to equip young people with the skills to build apps for Facebook, smartphones and the web. The scheme aims to create real opportunities for 14 to 18-year-olds to learn from local tech companies and entrepreneurs.

Joe Cohen, CEO of Seatwave, said: “Talented young people can now learn the skills they need to take part in the growing tech economy. The tech companies that are seeing such success in this area of London are now paving the way for the next generation of coders that the industry badly needs to grow.”

Also frankly being able to go back to school after the holidays and say you knocked up an app in your spare time is a pretty badass thing.

Go on then. We’ll be waiting to hear about your startup before you go to university…

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