Have a killer 30-second startup pitch? Thrillist and Samsung want to hear it

Have a killer 30-second startup pitch? Thrillist and Samsung want to hear it

Thrillist and Samsung have teamed up for a 30 second pitch contest by the name of “Speed Dating for Startups” to award one lucky team with the “ultimate startup package.” Videos will be submitted to this site and the top three companies will have the opportunity to present to the likes of Ben Lerer of Thrillist & Lerer Ventures and David Tisch of TechStars.

If you’re gearing up to launch a company and want to give this opportunity a try, it’s an excellent chance to get in front of some big people. For the rest of us, however, this is also an opportunity to study the good and the bad, as all the submitted pitches will be publicly available as they are submitted. As submissions start to roll in, you can view them here.

As for the grand prize, the winner can expect:

  1. Services from the PR mavens at MRPR, KinPixel’s graphic design squad, and LiftFive’s social media gurus
  2. A suite of Samsung Series 9 laptops whose 9.1 second boot time will build their start-up in no time
  3. The chance to be showcased on Thrillist — in other words, the ultimate business launch package that’ll get their start-up all started up.

From Ben Lerer:

As someone who has spent the last six years building Thrillist, I’ve learned to appreciate how important it is to have great mentors and great partners. I’m looking forward to seeing what the pitches look like and hoping to find the next generation of entrepreneurs that are willing to disrupt the status quo and challenge the old business models, the same way I believe we’ve done,” said Thrillist Media Group co-founder and CEO Ben Lerer.

All in all, the project should be, at the very least, entertaining and eye-opening. It’ll showcase what’s on the minds of hopeful entrepreneurs, while giving them a chance to test out their idea before of a massive crowd.

➤ Speed Dating for Startups (apply from now through Aug 10th)

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