Music2Text launches out of beta to help artists spread their music via SMS

Music2Text launches out of beta to help artists spread their music via SMS

Music2Text, the mobile service for spreading music is launching out of beta today to offer artists and labels a way to spread music via mobile devices.

The SMS to mobile music platform means that fans can text a song’s name with a short code to connect to a mobile music store and tracks can then be downloaded for a price determined by the label or artist that owns it.

For labels, the service is free to use if the tracks or ringtones on offer are given away for free. If the music is for sale, artists and labels pay £20 ($31USD) and 100% of the revenue, net sales go to the seller.

Accessing music from mobile devices is on the rise, so making it even easier for fans to download tunes certainly makes sense.

The service also provides options for users to stream or email tracks as well as following the artists on Facebook or Twitter.

As a promotional tool for artists, the short-code text system is a simple addition to posters, flyers, TV ads or radio promotions that can be added without taking up too much space or time on air.

In addition to the music distribution service, Music2text captures mobile numbers of participating “opt-in” fans, enabling UK labels and artists to build a valuable database for future marketing campaigns.

Music2text was pilot tested with UK hip hop and R’n’B artists Bashy, Starboy Nathan, Marvell and artists from independent labels, who have helped fine-tune the system through stealth and beta stages.

For artists and emerging acts, the text system is an interesting way of sharing music with fans. An SMS is a simple method that most people can understand and it can get more tracks out via mobile without the need for fans to download software that might not be available to some handsets.


Image Credit: Kitt Foo

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