AVG’s MultiMi launches publicly to help manage social profiles quickly, easily and safely

AVG’s MultiMi launches publicly to help manage social profiles quickly, easily and safely

AVG Technologies, provider of Internet and mobile security to 114 million active users, today announced that the free social desktop app MultiMi has emerged from beta testing with a major update as a safe and smart way for people to manage their social media activities.

We first looked at MultiMi in July last year. Essentially, it is an application that pulls together social media accounts. It works with Facebook, Gmail and Twitter among otherse and simplifies the process of keeping your connections running. Users can drag a tweet into an email while simultaneously updating their Facebook status or move a photo from email into Flickr or Picasa all in one rather nicely designed space.

The neat thing about MultiMi is that it works to protect its users with AVG’s LinkScanner technology, which takes a look at links to see if they might lead to malware or other problems.

The beta version has been running a while now, but with the push to release the service into the open, AVG worked on taking the advice of existing users to make improvements. “The post-beta MultiMi incorporates a year’s worth of performance enhancements and feature requests we received from many engaged and active social media consumers,” said Eidan Apelbaum, CEO of Zbang.It, creator of MultiMi. “Our testers did a great job providing us exactly the feedback our developers needed for us to evaluate, update, and elevate the platform as compared to competing solutions.”

New features

If you’re already a MultiMi user, you’ll probably notice a few tweaks to say the least. There has been a major aesthetic overhaul, full home and tab customization, a built-in RSS reader has been added along with support for Google Reader and Pocket.

Images can now be saved and edited from various sources and the built-in browser now uses Chromium instead of Internet Explorer, a change the company says has helped to improve performance.

“As people spend more time online and use multiple platforms to engage with one another, we are constantly searching for ways to simplify, improve and better secure their online experience,” said JR Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies.

Originally launched for Windows, MultiMi is also now available for the iPad.

Finding a social media integrator that suits you is not always easy. Having one with handy built-in security scanning might tip you to try MultiMi as a start or a change. With so many of us online in so many places, aggregators like this are becoming a good choice for those who tire of managing their accounts on so many different pages.


Image Credit: Nan Palmero

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