Wix’s HTML5 site builder has brought more than 1M new open standard sites into the wild

Wix’s HTML5 site builder has brought more than 1M new open standard sites into the wild

Since launching its HTML5 site builder back in March, Wix has just announced that an impressive one million HTML5 sites have been built using the platform over the past few months.

Wix’s DIY site creator has been well-known for quite some time, but traditionally as a tool that uses Adobe’s less-than-exciting Flash technology. With Flash in decline, the company decided to embrace open standards, and a HTML5 site builder was launched alongside the original Flash product and has undoubtedly won over many of Wix’s original users.

So what does it mean? For starters, there are now more than one million additional HTML5 sites out there in the wild. Additionally, we can’t help but think that it has likely also cannibalized users away from the Flash creator.

From Avishai Abrahami, CEO of Wix.com:

Until now, HTML5 was a buzzword to describe the ‘future’ of the web. With Wix’ 1 millionth HTML5 site built this month, it’s clear that individuals and small businesses have decided it is the present and where the web is destined. No longer in the dark or stuck with having to outsource, the Wix HTML5 platform answers a wide market need.

With the announcement, Wix has also created a surprisingly good infographic following the evolution of HTML5 over the past few years. If that’s your bread and butter, head here for the full image.

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