US angel co-investment on the rise in Q1 2012 but deal average remains $700k: Report

US angel co-investment on the rise in Q1 2012 but deal average remains $700k: Report

The Q1 2012 instalment of the Halo Report, a joint partnership between Silicon Valley Bank, CB Insights and the Angel Resource Institute, and it reveals that the median for US-based deals remained constant with that of 2011 — at an average figure $700,000 — while the ratio of co-investment deals rose significantly.

The average deal figure rose by some 40 percent between 2010 and 2011, but it is yet to see any change in 2012 to date, Halo reports, despite co-investment between angel firms increasing from 63.1 percent last year to account for almost three quarters (74.5 percent) of deals done in the first quarter.

However, it is notable that the outlay for co-investment deal was higher than after at a median of $1.4 million. However, that figure represents a drop from $1.5 million last year and $1.95 million in 2010, while the mean for co-investment deals fell to $0.94 million, from $1.06 million in 2011.

As is to be expected, Internet-related startups accounted more than one third (34.9 percent) quarter of the total number of deals across the US, while California came out on top region-wise, with firms in the state numbering one quarter of those documented as doing deals.

CB Insights says that the new report marks the first time valuation trends in the market have been included, and the slides below contain a large range of data relating to deals completed in the first quarter of the year, and how that stacks up against 2011.

Angel Investment Activity Report – Q1 2012 HALO Report

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