The guy who invented the mouse must be loaded, right? Wrong.

The guy who invented the mouse must be loaded, right? Wrong.

When you think about all of the amazing inventions during the past 100 years, one of the things that changed the world was the computer mouse. By pointing and clicking, you can manipulate things on your screen and get things done that people never imagined would be possible.

Seriously, think about the computer mouse for a second. What would we have ever done without it? It’s scary to think about it. The first mouse was made out of wood, and contained actual wheels. Check this baby out:

The guy who invented the mouse must be a bazillionaire, right? Wrong. Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1963, submitting the patent for it in 1967.

However, Engelbart was way ahead of his time, and his patent expired before the personal computer came complete with a mouse, thus making it a necessity, even to this day.

Watch Engelbart debut the mouse in what has been called “The Mother of All Demos”, taking place at Stanford Research Instutitue in Menlo Park, on December 9th, 1968:

Thanks Dr. Engelbart, you’re a hero in my eyes. Money means next to nothing at the end of the day.

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