Real estate virtualization provider Real5D takes on $1.2 million

Real estate virtualization provider Real5D takes on $1.2 million

Real5D, a company that provides a tool that allows for real estate to be virtualized, and then toured, has raised $1.2 million in a round led by DoubleRock Venture Capital.

According to its release, the company intends to use monies to invest in product development and marketing. Real5D has yet to take its platform mobile, though it is currently working on doing so.

The company’s product is essentially a way to show a property that is either not yet built, or remote to the potential purchaser. Inside of the tool, the viewer, and the salesperson can walk through the space, and converse, akin to being their in person.

As anyone who has tried to buy a house or rent an expensive apartment can tell you, the ability to self-guide a tour, while asking questions, from home is something that could be compelling. To better explain, the company has a video put together to show off what it can do:

The company, should it manage to attract sufficient users, has what appears to be an easy road to monetization. Purveyors of real estate, especially in the current troubled market, are constantly looking for new tools that they can use to boost the chance of a sale. In fact, realtors are among some of the most active users of services such as Twitter.

Now, $1.2 million won’t last Real5D for too long, but it could be enough cash for the company to prove its model, and begin to bring in revenues. According to its website, the service can be currently used for free.

To take off on a tangent, if you combined the promise of Real5D’s product, and used Google’s Glass project to project the images, well, that would be quite cool.

Top Image Credit: Billy Gast

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