Airbnb launches Wish Lists for bookmarking all of the places you’d like to stay

Airbnb launches Wish Lists for bookmarking all of the places you’d like to stay

Airbnb, the travel-disrupting service that provides ways for people to rent out their home to holidaymakers, has launched a new feature for planning travel in the future.

The company’s lovely layout and glorious photographs can be tempting to travellers but most of us cannot be in all places at once, nor can we afford to get to places one after another. The new Wish Lists feature means that destinations can be bookmarked and shared for later use.

Wish Lists is powered by social recommendations and Airbnb’s curated lists. You can make a list of your own and give it a title to suit your needs, like ‘Honeymoon’, ‘Europe’ or ’50th Birthday Trip’.

Given these lists can be shared, this is a good way to plan trips with friends and share the type of accommodation you are aiming for.

For events planners this is also useful as lodgings surrounding an occasion can be used as suggestions. Not a bad idea when planning something like a wedding or even a conference.

The lists service also helps the indecisive. If you know you want to take a break but you’re not sure where, then making a few lists for comparison can help to make a decision.

Airbnb recently reached 10 million nights booked through its site. Since it launched in 2008 it has gathered accommodations in 20,000 cities and 192 countries.

It also still has a guarantee for people who choose to rent out their homes and are concerned about possible damage or theft.

With an expanding number of possibilities and now a way to categorise those for future use, it’s no wonder that Airbnb is seen as a real disruptor of travel. Now all we need to do is find a viable reason for the whole TNW team to work from the Bahamas.

Check out the video for more ideas on how Wish Lists can be used:

Image Credit: Robstephaustralia

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