Zynga says its players makes 2.8B social interactions per day

Zynga says its players makes 2.8B social interactions per day

Today at an “Unleashed” event in its San Francisco headquarters, Zynga, the company looked back at its history, as i’ts coming up on its fifth birthday.

Today, it showed off its network “Zynga With Friends”. To date, the company has created 6B neighbor connections. The company sees 2.8B social interactions per day, and its users have played 1.8 trillion minutes over the past 3 years.

As far as its history goes, we got a bit of a lesson today.

The first game that it created was Poker, on Facebook of course. Here are some milestones that CEO Mark Pincus shared today:

– March 7th, 2008: the company sold its first virtual good, a poker chip.
– November 2008: Zynga Live Poker for iPhone
– June 2009: Farmville launched

“Mobile social gaming” is becoming a “mass market phenomenon” in 2012, according to Pincus. He points to Words with Friends as the poster child for this movement.

As of today, here are some things Zynga shared as points of interest:

– 72% of Americans now play games
– 64,000 words played in the last minute
– 43,000 pictures drawn in the last minute
– 38,000 hands of poker in the last minute

Pincus says that Zynga was started to make games free, social and accessible with the mission to connect the world through games.

“Search, shop and share are the most important things that we do online today, and Play has the opportunity to join the ranks.” said Pincus.

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