The ‘ of software’ didn’t last: Wakoopa Social closes as focus shifts to corporate research

The ‘ of software’ didn’t last: Wakoopa Social closes as focus shifts to corporate ...

Wakoopa, launched as a service that tracked your software usage online and locally, is shutting down its consumer side, and focusing entirely on its corporate research business. This change is somewhat long in the coming. In 2010, the company began to move its focus from its social product, to corporate services.

However, the consumer product lived on. Now, it is ending, leaving Wakoopa only focused on providing information to businesses. The decision to finally shut down Wakoopa Social came as the company, not able to give it the time that it needed, hated to watch it ‘slowly deteriorate.’ Thus, the time came to let it go.

The company itself, in its own words, will live on, but “only now focussing entirely on the corporate research community.” Wakoopa provides products such as the tracking of online audiences across various websites, and analytics for website components.

Here’s what’s up if you need to get your data off of the service: On June 23rd, your data will no longer be tracked. At this date, the company will begin to generate a way to allow you to download your information. These packets “will contain your own application usage, both on the web and on the desktop, length of usage and the name and category of the application.” Following, on June 30th, Wakoopa Social will go fully dark.

Users will be able to download their data starting July 1st, for three months. After that, it’s over.

Seeing Wakoopa kill the product that first brought it users and led to its more revenue-focused other work is a bit sad. Still, the company is doing it right in terms of letting users get their data off the platform.

The Next Web Holding BV owns shares in Wakoopa.

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